Bidding Farewell to a Friend
Transporting N8270P (a.k.a. Gloria) to her new home in California

Wednesday Morning

We'd decided that in the interested of safety we'd be doing our flying during the daylight hours, so we planned for a 7:00 AM departure. I picked up Jack at his house and, with a trunk full of luggage, charts, snacks, and a survival kit, we headed for the airport. Nature favored us with a cool, clear, breezy day that unfortunately included very strong winds against us at the alitude where we'd be flying. These would slow us down, but at worst this would lengthen the trip, not pose any sort of risk. So, at slightly after seven, we took off, and begain the trip west.
Our planning for the trip was for it to be completely under Instrument Flight Rules, which meant (among othe things), that we'd have a little less control over our route, but it would be monitored closely by air traffic controllers - we be in voice contact at all times. The first part of our route was a climb to 8000 feet, heading directly north of New York City. With the weather as clear as it was, we were treated to a spectacular view of the area. In the picture to the right, you can see from the bottom to the top, the Throg's Neck Bridge, the Whitestone Bridge, and near the center at the top, just beneath the clouds La Guardia Airport.

Once at this altitude, our speed along the ground dropped from the 150 knots (~170 mph) or so we'd have been seeing with no headwind to only about 105 knots (120 mph). The forecasts for the headwinds were accurate.

Despite the winds, after about 2 hours, we were closing on Erie, Pennsylvania, our first planned fuel stop. But the weather was clear and the ride was pleasant, so we decided to extend our ride to Ashtabula, Ohio, mostly wo we could have three states behind us (NY, NJ, PA), not just two.





There wasn't much in Ashtabula, besides the airport and a large quantity of farmland. We bought gas, checked the weather, took our photo by the airport sign, and took of for Illinois.


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