Bidding Farewell to a Friend
Transporting N8270P (a.k.a. Gloria) to her new home in California

Later Wednesday


We had a fast lunch at a nice restaurant on the field at Clow. We'd picked Clow in part because Jack had a friend in the neighborhood, but unfortunately, his friend couldn't join us for lunch. The chili was pretty good!

Outside the restaurant were some very unusual airplane hangars shaped sort of like snail shells. Interesting!






Somewhere in eastern Iowa, we saw a huge field of power-generating windmills. There must have been at least 100 of them. A pretty interesting sight from the air. (You may need to double-click on this photo to enjoy the full available detail)

The weather report for the next part of the trip, suggested some some isolated thunderstorm activity in western Iowa. We had decided to stay in touch with Flight Watch so we would be aware of what weather was where.

At a little more than an hour off flying, I called them to get the weather. We could see that the sky was pretty ugly to the south, but we were't clear on what was going on for the next seveal hundred miles. Flight Watch told us about a single pretty serious thunderstorm along our route, but suggested that if we deviated about 40 miles to the north we could avoid it completely.

We asked for, and immediately were approved for the change in course, and continued on our trip. As we passed the area with the storm activity, I took several photos and assembled them into this panorama. The dark area in the center is the thunderstorm.




By the time we got to O'Neill, Nebraska, the weather had cleared up significantly. The approach into O'Neill was uneventful, and we took this lovely photo before checking into our hotel.

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